Best Font and Size For Your Project

First, you need to know where your project is? is it online or in print? If you write your project on paper it’s best for you to use Serif fonts but if you are trying to make a project online you need to use Sans-Serif.

1. Serif

Serif fonts are better used when you want to print your project such as books, newspapers and others. There are many Serif fonts available and you can get paid and also for free, Serif fonts that are often used are:

Times New Roman

2. Sans Serif

This font is actually used when you project online, such as creating websites, applications, frayer designs for online and others. Sans Serif fonts that are often used are:


The most used fonts are Arial, Courier and Verdana. If you want to use Verdana make sure it’s 10 px because it will get the best results. But if you use Arial, you need to set 12 px or more. And all of the most used fonts are Verdana. And if you want to make a short story in a formal style you can use Georgian fonts.

Do you use a website? You need to set for best performance not only fonts but also set ‘letter spicing’ and ‘line height’ that will make you written more beautiful. put the code in css mode when you customize your website using wordpress:

p {
letter spacing: 0.5px;
line height: 2; 


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